The VETERANS OF VIETNAM MC was conceived and founded in late 2001 by two Veterans in Springfield, Missouri who had served their country, and wanted to ride together in brotherhood to support and assist each other, Vietnam era Veterans, Veterans wife's, Veterans families and dependents, and also other members of the Veterans community. At the time, their was not a Vietnam Era MC for over 200 miles. The club was briefly called a Motorcycle Association. 

Following motorcycle club protocols, the founders met with some senior clubs in some areas of the USA and received approval to wear the patch Mad Jack had designed - A Veterans of Vietnam  top rocker, a rounded version of the Vietnam Service Ribbon as a center patch with the dates of 1959 and 1975 added and a map of Vietnam, an MC patch, and Missouri as a bottom rocker. In a very short time however, the bottom Rocker was replaced with Nomad second, and then America and Support to help the club grow.

The Bylaws (Changed in 2019) and patch were all drawn up and designed by Mad Jack and approved by the only other Founding Member Lowdown. One of the Founding Members then applied for legal rights to the colors and as a not-for-profit veterans MC in Missouri and then chapters grew.  In line with their motto of "Vets Helping Vets", they applied for, and were granted an IRS 501c(19) federal tax exempt status.

In the more than 20 years since the club was founded, it has grown to include members, chapters, all over the U.S., In 2005, the first International chapter was formed, comprised of Vietnam Era Veterans living in Thailand based in the City of Chiang Mai and chartered by Founder, Charter and Life Member Mad Jack and Charter Member and Life Member (2019) Chappie the International Chaplain. ( Who served for over a decade as Chaplain) In late 2006, Mad Jack requested one last change and it was granted. An In Memory Patch on the rear bottom for Brothers gone but not forgotten as we are a dying breed of Veteran was added to the colors he designed. We are a 3 piece patch MC.


In 2006, the only other Founding Member, Lowdown left to join a larger M/C. We would like to thank Lowdown for his early service to the club and Friendship. In the summer of 2011, Mad Jack the other Founder, Charter and one of 2 Living Life members, semi retired due to Illness. In late 2012 He returned to help the Club as requested. Making the National runs in 2013 and 2018 was a highlight for Him. Then in 2018 he stepped back again for major changes to take place (He is however a Life Member). Today the VOVMC marches on.. Nationals were fantastic in Georgia, July, 2023. Nationals will be not be posted in the future as to where they will be held till after the meet. Don't miss 2024 Nationals this year. Big announcement, "WE NO LONGER TAKE FUTURE NEW MEMBERSHIP IN THE VOVMC". MEMBERSHIP IN THE CLUB IS CLOSED. Check out the "NEW" history pictures of the club below. Thanks to all the Membership past and present for donating to the page. Remember "OUR CODE IS OUR BIBLE". MEMBERSHIP IS EARNED: To be a Member in the VOV Motorcycle Club you must first have shared sacrifice and service to our country Honorably only. You must want to ride and help other Vietnam Era Veterans, Veterans and the USA as a whole. You will prospect and their is no set time period or event. It isn't just by serving in the Military, that was just the start. You must then earn your Colors. If you want to step up and be a member of the VoV Motorcycle Club, you must talk to a full Patch Holder of the VOVMC. We do not take certain people for a reason. We do not allow LEO's or a former LEO MOS. They have other MC's for them. Give Respect, Get Respect is how the Motorcycle World works.



We just have had the most adventurous and memorable trip ever back in July. That bears testament to the meticulous and skillful planning of the Clubs coordinator Brother G for Nationals. The food was off the hook amazing. (just yummy) It turns out, this will go down as a all time high for everyone that attended. (92%). Now that was a lot of effort on Members calling, texting, etc. The weather was HOT, sometimes Rainy, Humid but just downright great also. From the prospects, to the wife's including outside help, the set-up was just grand. I could go on for a page or two but you got it. THANKS TO EVERYONE. 
Well on to the Big news. Last year we voted to removed names patches and also not post pictures in the future. Drum roll please....FUTURE NEW MEMBERSHIP IN THE VOVMC IS CLOSED. That's right, FUTURE NEW MEMBERSHIP IS CLOSED to the Club for anyone and everyone unless you are now a prospect. Your asking yourself why, right? We are just getting to old having people in their 70's and maybe 80's wanting to now join our Motorcycle Club. Why in the Fuk didn't you get started earlier? That's a point you should ask yourself. Unless your almost a mail ordered MC you can't really be a true member. It's like these Rock and Roll band members who are going out in wheel chairs to play, enough is enough. This wasn't a easy thing to vote on and that you could do a Vegas bet on that too. In the end, it was the right thing to do. Being part of a MC takes a lot, that is if you are one and the VoV Motorcycle Club is just that for sure. We tossed a prospect for not attending but showed the others to attend or your out. We will not post neither, the place or time of this year's National till after the meet. FUTURE NEW MEMBERSHIP IN THE VOVMC IS CLOSED July, 2023. (The VOVMC Thailand has their own bylaws on membership so contact them) 
 We suggest the American Legion Riders, CVMA, Southern Cruisers Riders, etc. because they have new blood. When were gone, were gone one day. 
Making sure we were all safe, well fed, happy and truly enjoyed ourselves, that describes the trip to Nationals in Georgia. One flat tire in the whole club in all the miles going in all directions, dudes that what I'm calling a miracle. Well the big secret is no more and the load is gone and we are truly blessed to be a part of something that has went on now for decades. I read the old emails and guestbooks and wonder where everyone is today from the clubs beginning. I can only say, Never forget the one's who went before us. Webmaster Tank 

WORDS TO THE WISE FOR MILITARY CLUB MC's or MC's in general. Never ever go against a full patch holder when it comes to a prospect. That is unheard of in the MC world. Patch holders always stick together. You will have your Brother's back in anything. Again, never put a prospect over a patch holder or a support member. Even if you hate that patch holders guts. He is your brother and until that prospect becomes a full patch member he is nothing. What they did years ago doesn't count for them. He might not even make it to being a full patched member unless your selling or giving away patches. You can tell about good things the prospect does or doing but that's about it. You don't run interference for him you don't plead his case and you don't defend him. You can help him in his prospecting, tell about the club, what he needs to do, but you don't try and get him patched out. He has got to earn that on his own. The MC rules should always be followed as best we can as a MC. Welcome Home Young and Old. Tank

This is the National VOVMC Website and our National Chapter is now in the Great State of Georgia.

THEN AND NOW.. FIND US AT HTTP://VOVMC.COM  or  HTTPS://VOVMA.ORG "BOOKMARK THE PAGE", OR  Visit us at YAHOO.COM    We will also be making New changes on our Website here. We are also posting old links from maybe two decades ago to let you see some great old memories with more to come. We are not Sidewalk or Keyboard Commando's but a Motorcycle Club. Check back for Updates and News Often. 

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A Nomad is an individual who may or may not be a member of a Motorcycle Club, and not bound by any territory, or perhaps one which has not yet formed one. There are exceptions to Nomads being members of clubs. One instance is Military Veterans' Motorcycle Clubs,(ie VOVMC, etc.) whose members are scattered across the U.S.A., but yet do not have enough members in a particular area to form a chapter. Most Motorcycle Club members wear a State or City rocker. A Nomad's bottom rocker, however, will simply say "Nomad" and or "Nomads" for most clubs. This means that they hold no particular allegiance to a specific club chapter or area but should be respected and accepted widely by the club as a full member in any AO. Nomads sometimes live in areas which had fewer than the required numbers to form a chapter per By-Laws. They also may have been sent to an area to establish a chapter by the Clubs Officers. This is how the VOV NOMAD Rocker came into being. Just another part of our history. 

VOVMC Thailand has their own by-laws but are a part of the VOV Motorcycle Club Worldwide.

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